Kerala State Industrial Training Department

Ministry of Labour, Government of Kerala

The Industrial Training Department provides vocational & apprenticeship training to the youth in Kerala state. To achieve this industrial training department runs various programmes through Industrial Training Institute. Institute of Technical Education Pvt. ITI is affiliated under this department as per the affiliation order No. DGET-12/1/2009-TC dated 30-07-2009.

The mission of the department is to facilitate training as per the craftsman to implement all training schemes of the Government of India in a meticulous & time bound manner. Ensure skilled training is made available to maximum growth of the country.

The vision of the department is to create skilled & technically qualified work force, who would contribute to the growth, to provide quality training to all possible people. So as to achieve the national goal of 500 million skilled persons by 2020. So as to reduce unemployment.

Institute of Technical Education - Offering professional excellence in technical training

The Institute of Technical Education is staffed by faculty members who have professional and practical experience in engineering. Our aim is to train students well and make them technically qualified so that they may enter their chosen field or continue their education at the baccalaurate or higher level. We have stayed abreast with latest developments in the industry and we are provoiding the personal attention, students need to succeed.

The Institute of Technical Education will be premier institute of integraed design recognised for innovation, creative collaboration and passion for exploration.

We value excellence, integrity, community oriented intellectual curiosity, creativity and diversity.

The mission of the Institute of Technical Education is to create the next generation to lead and serve the global community.

Building on a tradition of excellence, the institute strives to deliver an unmatched educational experience by offering a faculty of practicing professionals, innovative programs, progressive curriculum and student centered approach enriched by the historic, vibrant and diverse culture of India.

To provide educational and employment opportunities through concentrated, highly structured programmes of study that prepare students for careers with curricula that reflects the needs of the changing job markets and provide an opportunity for students to acquire skills for occupational growth which includes the understanding of employers expectations and assistance in securing employment. The students thereby develop skills and attitudes to continue learning thoughout their life time.

Institutional goals

Recruit and retain superior faculty who encourage experimentation and exploration. Ensure progressive industry-relevant curricula and student learning via assesment and constituent-driven improvement. Develop and implement innovative market leading programmes in design. Infuse local and global awareness and social responsibility across the campus. Support and graduate a diverse student body which demonstrates design excellence and strong leadership capabilities. Support our mission by building a proactive service organisation and making sound financial gain.